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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Visit Guinea with Karamba Dioubate

Drum and Dance African Cultural Exchange to Guinea, West Africa

January 10th - January 31st 2008 with Griot Karamba Dioubate

A special three week workshop to visit the people and places in Guinea where West African music and dance and culture originated. Study and play with master dancers and drummers.

Travel with Griot and master musician Karamba Dioubate to various artistic and cultural centers. Karamba knows the region and the people and will lead the way in an experience of a lifetime. Karamba played with Fish de Rice and Famouro Kouate's group Keke in Guinea, then toured Europe and the US with Fatala, a traditional drum and dance troupe formed by master percussionist Yacouba Camara. He has been living the US since 1992, teaching drumming in the New York and Oakland communities and workshops nationwide.

Drum and Dance Workshop

Participants will travel with Karamba Dioubate to his home town in Boke where they will stay with and be cared for by the Dioubate family. Trips will be made to surrounding communities such as Dahanka, Kamsar, Kabata, Kamakulu, and Kolabe to visit people of the Sousou, Landouma, Baga, Mandang, Hahanke, Fula, Natua and other ethnic groups. Each community and ethnic group has its own cultural traditions, and we will participate in cultural performances and join in their unique music and song and dance. Conakry, the capital city, hosts one of the largest markets in West Africa.

Daily Class Schedule

There will be two dance and one drum class each day with local artists. Drum students will be able to perform with local drummers to accompany dance classes. Interested students can arrange for classes in balafon or other local instruments at a small additional charge. In the evenings there will be history and storytelling sessions with Karamba's father, Aladji Souroon Dioubate, and singing and entertainment on drums balafon, and other local instuments by Karamba and other local performing artists. We will also visit clubs with Karamba's family for live music and dancing.

Contact Information

Please send inquiries to:
Karamba Dioubate
6514 Bancroft Ave., Apt. B
Oakland, CA 94605
Cell: (510) 717-9134
E-mail: ryamar762001@yahoo.com
Family in Conakry, Guinea: 011 224 512104


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