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Monday, October 15, 2007

Drum Classes with Aliou Diouf

From Sarah:

Aliou is now teaching drum classes every Friday at 7 at Gotta Dance. You can call me at 408-3858 if you have questions and/or I can give you Ali's phone number if you like.

Dance classes are still on hold for the time being! Sorry, Ali is trying to find a good studio available at an earlier time of day that's not on the weekend. Will let you know as things progress. Or let me know if you have a space in mind?

Aliou Diouf is a master drummer, choreographer, director, dancer, singer, and oral historian from Dakar, Senegal. Aliou's instruments are the jembe, junjun, sabar, sorruba, bougaroubou, and tama. Aliou performs and teaches traditional pieces from the wolof, serrer, djola, bambara, mandinko and other peoples of West Africa.



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